Side Effects of Too Much Sleep can be Fatal

Updated on 07 Feb 2012,
Published on 07 Feb 2012

Taking a good night sleep is very healthy for your body, but too much sleep or an excessive sleeping habit can induce certain side effects on your biological system. It is linked to many health problems like diabetes, heart disease and an increased risk of death. The amounts of sleep that you need differ from time to time in the course of your life. It also relies on your age, activity level, general health and lifestyle habits. For example, during the time of stress or an illness, you may need to take an extra amount of sleep. Although on the regular front, the experts suggest that an adult should take only 7-8 hours of sleep every night as more than this can cause some severe effects on your health.

Side effects of taking Too Much Sleep

Headaches- Sleeping for a long period of time can give rise to the problem of headache. It is because this problem is linked to the effect of sleep on certain neurotransmitters in the brain, for example serotonin. Also, taking an extra amount of sleep can create disturbance in the chemicals of the brain which leads to the illness of a headache.

Back pain- Taking sleep for more than 7-8 hours can cause pressure on the back for a long period of time. It can give rise to the problem of hefty back pain.

Diabetes- One of the important side effects of sleeping for an extended time is the occurrence of the problem of diabetes. In one study, around 9,000 people who sleep more than nine hours every night were found to have 50 percent more risk of having the disease of diabetes than those who sleep for 7-8 hours.

Obesity- A research has confirmed that people who sleep for around 9-10 hours are more likely to develop the problem of obesity over the course of six years than those who take 7-8 hours of sleep. In this study, the factors of normal eating and a good amount of exercising schedule were also considered.

Death- Since the metabolism of the body decreases to a great level when you take an overdose of sleep everyday, so there increases the chances of you to die much before your actual end.

Other than this, a study on 72,000 women done by The Nurses Health Study Center found that women who sleep 9-10 hours daily are 38 percent more at the risk of suffering from a coronary heart disease. Sleeping for a longer period of time everyday can also worse down the symptom of depression. Therefore, it is very important that you do not take more or less amount of sleep as both of these habits leaves some distressful effects on your health. Rather, take only the recommended amounts, 7-8 hours, of sleep and contribute to your body for surviving in a healthier manner.

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