Side Effects of Steroids in Children

Updated on 17 Jul 2009,
Published on 17 Jul 2009

The side effects of steroids are found in both children and adults alike. However, children are more susceptible to it. Steroids are one of the most common drugs that are being given to children with asthma. At present, it is one of the most effective treatments of asthma. Despite the side effects, the use of steroids has been increasing day by day for the treatment of asthma among children and adults as well. Inhaled corticosteroid is the steroid that is being used for the treatment. Before inhaled corticosteroid was discovered, heavy doses of corticosteroid was either injected or taken orally in order to address the condition which often resulted in stunted growth of the children.

Inhaled corticosteroid helps in controlling the asthma in a better way by reducing the inflammation in the lungs and the airway. Though inhaled corticosteroid cannot relieve the asthma symptoms that you already have but yes it definitely helps in preventing asthma systems that you might likely develop later on. It would be unfair to state that this medication is free from any side effects as it is a well known fact that there is no drug which does not have any side effects. Some of the side effects of steroids in children are:

1) Children as well as adults who use this medication are likely to suffer from thrush and yeast infections. Though the chances of children suffering from it is minimal as compared to the adults since the doses that are prescribed to the children is quite low.

2) In addition to the thrushes, it might snub the growth of the children as well. However, researches are still being carried out on this particular side effect. Studies have found contradictory results as far as the delay in growth is concerned. Some studies have pointed out that long term use of this medication delays the growth of the children whereas some studies have pointed out that this delay occurs only in the first year of treatment.

3) Though steroids don’t have any direct dramatic effect on the bone but it sure does tend to cause the thinning of the bones. However, the concept is not very clear as how does it causes when it maintains the bone density in adults.

4) Adrenal suppression is one of the major side effects that corticosteroids can cause. The body has its own way of making steroid to deal with stressful conditions. But since the body is getting steroids from an internal source it considerably reduces the body’s capability to make steroids on its own which may lead to other health problems.

5) Mild irritation, hoarseness, mild pain, mood changes, weight gain etc are some of the other side effects that a child may experience.

Despite all these side effects, corticosteroid is one of the most effective medications that effectively help in dealing with the condition of asthma in children as well as in adults. It helps an asthmatic person lead a normal life and allows him to enjoy all the pleasures of life. So comparatively the positive effects of inhaled corticosteroids in particular outweigh the negative effects of the drug. Overall, it is one such drug that helps in the prevention  of asthma related deaths among children.

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