Signs and Symptoms of Ringworm in Humans

Updated on 11 Oct 2010,
Published on 06 Oct 2010

Most ringworm infections in humans cause a rash that may be peeling, cracking, scaling, itching and red. While in other cases, the rash forms blisters, especially on the feet. But the most common appearance of ringworm is of a lesion that starts as a flat, scaly spot which then develops a raised border that advances outward in a circle. Some ringworm infections are especially treated with a steroid like hydrocortisone, can have vesicles or pustules in the advancing border or in the center. The advancing border is raised while the central area is more normal appearing, usually still with fine scaling.

What is ringworm and is it contagious? Find out.

Now, here are the signs and symptoms of ringworm for you. But first, let us put some light on the difference between the two. Signs are the objective perception of your doctor, your family member or say, your friend; whereas, symptoms are the subjective perception of yours - what you (as a patient) see, feel and observe about the disease you are suffering from.

Signs of Ringworm

1. A circular rash on your skin that's red and inflamed around the edge and healthy-looking in the middle.

2. Slightly raised expanding rings of red and scaly skin on your trunk or your face.

3. A round, flat patch of itchy skin.

More than one patch of ringworm may appear on your skin, and patches or red rings of rash may overlap.

Symptoms of Body Ringworm

It includes a rash on the following areas :-

1. On the chest, arms, stomach, legs or back.

2. With edges that are red and scaly or moist and crusted. The rash also may have small bumps that look like blisters. The center of the rash may be clear, giving it a ring-shaped appearance or there may be a cluster of red bumps.

3. That may form large patches.

Symptoms of Face Ringworm

It includes a rash on the following :-

1. On the face, ears or both.

2. With a border that may not be very distinct.

3. That may get worse after being under sun.

Symptoms of Groin Ringworm (Jock Itch)

It includes a rash on the following :-

1. On the groin, skin folds, inner thighs, or buttocks. The rash usually does not occur on the scrotum or penis.

2. With edges that are very distinct and may be scaly or have bumps that look like blisters.

3.That may have a red – brown center.

Symptoms of Hand Ringworm

It includes a rash on the following :-

1. On the palm that may be mistaken for eczema.

2. On the palm that has thickened, dry, and scaly similar to athlete's foot, while skin between the fingers may be moist, and have open sores.

3. On the back of the hand that is red and scaly with edges that have bumps that look like blisters.

4. Fingernail can also be infected.

Ringworm may be confused with other conditions with similar symptoms, such as eczema or psoriasis. However, people with weak immune system such as those with HIV/AIDS may find it difficult to get rid of the infection. The signs and symptoms of ringworm are different. So, do not get confused with it.

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