Simple Remedies on How to Treat a Lung Infection Naturally

Updated on 23 Apr 2013,
Published on 01 Apr 2013

Lung Infection RemediesA Lung Infection is the inflammatory condition of your lungs. It might cause a lot of problems like shortness of breath, chest tightness, pain, chest congestion, problem in speaking, coughing, pressure on your heart, difficulty in sleeping and other small issues. The issues might be small but the discomfort is too high to be understood by a normal person. Dealing with such a condition with antibiotics, might aggravate your other health conditions. Also, antibiotics reduce your immunity to a great extent. You are unable to fight similar ill-health conditions in the future. This makes you addicted to such medicines, which you don't even want to opt for ! You need to know few quick natural remedies to combat such situation naturally. So, here is an easier, natural alternative to such unwanted antibiotics.  For this, you need to get few important things in ur kitchen pantry - alum, licorice root, ginger, garlic and a steamer (for face).

Home Remedies to Deal with Lung Infection


In Hindi, its called Phitkari. Its a magical remedy. Take an alum stone and a glass of hot water. Give a quick dip of alum into the water and repeat it 3-5 times. Don't immerse it. Gargle with this water before going to bed at night.. remember, one thing, don't drink even a sip of this water as its too strong for drinking but a wonderful and very effective remedy for lung infections.

Licorice Root

In Hindi, its called mulethi. Licorice Root, another effective herbal remedy for lung infections, promotes the level of cortisol in the body (an element required to fight hefty stress). It also contains several nutrients to maintain a good digestive and respiratory health. There are several ways to use it:
1) take a twig of this root and chew it for as long as you can. Extremely effective and refreshing there's nothing like it, if you can do it effortlessly.
2) take a small twig of this root, crush it in the mortar or with a rolling pin (used in making pancakes) and add to your herbal teas, as much as you want. Remember its a natural medicine, not a dessert. Its sweet but really strong for some.
3) take a glass of hot water (avoid other metals, prefer glassware) and put a crushed twig in it. Keep it aside (covered) for 5-10 min., till the water turns greenish. Now, drink this sip by sip and get relieved.

Ginger for Lung Infections

Ginger can be used in various forms for this purpose- ginger tea, use it in your curries, gravies, herbal teas, salads, soups, add in your food, as much as you can.. excellent for lung infections.


Its another effective herb for lungs. Go garlic !! Use it in your gravies, sauces, curries, soups, salad dressings .. its tastes awesome!!

Long Pepper

Other names are Indian long pepper, Dried Catkins, Pippali, Pipal, Tippali, Pihal and Javanese Long Pepper or Indonesian long pepper. This magical herbal spice is used to cure cough, colds, fever and a number of stomach ailments. This aromatic spice is used in balms, used to soothe the muscular problems and acts as a nerve depressant.
The best way to use it is simply crush one to two peppers and add it to boiling milk.. let it simmer for about 5 minutes, now drink this milk and have some rest. The best time for such remedy is while going to bed at night. Remember, as its too hot in its element, take it according to the severity of your lung infection. Minimum dosage is half pepper in a glass of milk and maximum should be 7 peppers. For kids, 1/4th to 1/2 a day is enough. Also, keep the climatic conditions in mind before going for this remedy.

In chilling weather, you can also crush it properly and take it with a teaspoon of raw honey. Its really really effective.


Giving steam to ur lungs, before going to bed, is a highly effective remedy for curing lung infections naturally.

Other Herbal Spices

Cinnamon, black pepper, caraway seeds, clove - excellent for lung health.

Deep Breathing

another great way to beat your Lung worries! Deep breathing is a big stress buster, gives you longer & quality life, gives strength to your lungs,, its just magical !! just give this a try! you won't be complaining, for sure!!

Hope all this helps you guys.. Take Care & Stay Healthy !!

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