Skin Mole Removal Made Easier with Simple Methods

Updated on 31 Aug 2010,
Published on 13 Feb 2008

Skin mole removal is something which every person with moles want to go for, either through mole removal surgical methods or through home remedies that we are going to discuss here.

So, here are the remedies for you to get rid of the moles:

1. Apples- take some sour apples and apply their extracted juice on the mole thrice a day for around three weeks. Be regular, you will discover that the mole will get dimmer and dimmer by the end of the third week.

2. Onion- Take the juice of an onion and apply this juice once a day on your moles and continue this for several weeks. This is really effective.

3. Baking soda with Castor oil- Make a paste of a pinch of baking soda with a little bit of castor oil. Now apply this paste on the affected area and leave it overnight. Repeat this for several days..

4. Drumstick pods- Grind a few drumstick pods finely to a smooth paste like mixture and then add some fresh lemon extract to this paste. Now, apply this paste on the affected area regularly. After a few days, the mole will fade off.

5. Dandelion roots- Cut the root of a dandelion plant and rub this root on the affected area till it's milky like juice comes out and covers the mole completely. Do this for once everyday and repeat this for several weeks.

6. Potassium- Try to go for the foods rich in potassium or take apple cider vinegar that is rich in potassium. This will cure your moles permanently.

7. Garlic- If you place a small piece of garlic over your mole and scrape the flat side of the garlic touching it to let the juice get into it. Or the other way is to apply garlic paste by simply crushing the garlic clove, directly over the affected area and leave it open. Keep it like this only for the whole day and night and repeat the same process the next day, you will get astonished to see that it will disappear within the next three to seven days. The duration of the cure differs from person to person, some will see the results within three days, while some may take a bit longer (one week). So, be patient.

8. Iodine for mole removal is highly beneficial if you apply it overnight for 2-3 days.

9. Banana peel- Take a piece of ripe banana peel and apply the pulp side over the moles and cover with a band-aid. Only remove it while taking bath. Apply this daily for many months.

10. Cauliflower- If you apply the juice of cauliflower over your moles daily, then you will notice that the moles will fall automatically within a few days.

11. Pure Honey for mole removal- Apply the purest form of honey over your moles every morning and night till they disappear. And this is the simplest home remedy for mole removal.

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44 Response(s)
Joshua McFalls
I'm wanting to try the garlic method to curing some of my moles. But do i need the actual vegetable or does the powder work too?
wow this is great
I try lot of stuff on line and it not working like drmotrend so don't spend on stuff that just leave mark on your face I need something that work help I have a mole on my face on top of my lip so is Thair some one that try something at home and it works
The text doesn't say whether these remedies help remove moles that are like bumps. The colour doesn't bother me, it's the size! So do these remedies remove the entire mole-shape ??
Hi, i am a teenager. I have fairly clear skin, but i have had a small mole under my left lip. I can't stand it any more, my dad would just not understand taking me to a doctor to have it removed. I hate him, i can't talk to him about anything. I have had this mole all my life, since i was about 1 year old. These methods would really get rid of the mole completely? PLEASE help me, email me back. What does it mean to apply it in the mole? My mole does not have a hole in it or anything? Can you give me complete instructions with the garlic one, we have garlic powder and garlic cloves. Please email me back, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Is it possible that any of these methods can be wrong or go wrong? I was thinking about trying the honey method.
Roxy Rex
I have a mole on my face, I was searching how to remove it, well I got something here, I am gonna try this. Thanks
Can I use two or more remedies at once for the removal? Or I should be using just one at a time? Thanks in advance =)
Good tips!!! Other than these remedies you can try the ACV mole removal.
Are these tips applicable to all types of moles?
I don’t have moles on the face but lots of them in the body. and it looks pretty bad so I am planning to get rid of it using these home remedies.
Very effective home remedies…!!!
Be warned that garlic, when applied on sensitive skin can create a bright red rash. And yes, it has happened to me. Not so fun to look at myself and see a huge red rash...
Linny Toehammer
I tried using the garlic and apple cider vineger on my mole (about the size of a half dollar). Lost my girlfriend to this dang treatment. She said I stunk!
Which one is most effective?
I was thinking about trying the baking soda and castor oil method. Will this remove a mole that is a bump? PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP! Thanks.
will all of these work on flat moles??
What kind of moles does this work on? I have bumpy moles that I want to get rid of, they're not big in size but big as in the rise off my body. Will they fall off or fade away I don't get it? I'm going to try the baking soda and castor oil, hopefully it works. I'll come back and let you all know!!
hi everyone i have a mole on my chin and im 11 years old and i get made fun of a lot for something i cant control. Do any of these methods actually work??
i need the same anser as britany
Which one should I use for tiny moles on my face?
I have tried the apple cider vineger many times and it has not worked. I have tried honey, and crushed up vitamin C pills and it came back every time please help I am running out of ideas
hi anthony, why don't you try using garlic or iodine! but remember, use one thing at a time and give it some days to heal properly. don't use two things at a time or the very next day you end up doing with the first one. wait for some days and let the remedy work properly. rest do inform us if garlic worked for you or not! garlic is said to be quite effective rest exceptions are always there. here Healthcareveda team wishes you all the best!
Thankyou very much I will try these!
is garlic works very well for raising moles?
Hi lath, all these home remedies work for raised/bumpy or flat moles.
Castor oil + Baking Soda did make mine fade but it takes quite a while. I started using garlic yesterday. It left red spot but the mole seems to be fading. I have also heard that rubbing a peel from a potato works.
Hey, I dont have any fresh garlic but i have garlic powder can i use that?
sat nav
Thanks for sharing this, I did not know you could get rid of moles like this.
I tried using the garlic and it faded, but there's still a small part of the mole left. I continued it for about four weeks and my mole started itching, but I couldn't get rid of the deeper part. Any advice on how to make it completely fade? Did anybody's mole fade completely or is there still a mole scar there?
I have many raised moles for every. Trying the castor Oil one. Has anyone had true success? Willing to go many months to see.
Will garlic powder work or do i need garlic garlic?
Hi, does the honey remedy work on small flat moles on the lip??? pleaseplease please email me back!!!! :( thanks
mystery girl
guys guys! everybody listen!...i have a mole right next to my nose..since i was 10 and now im mole is pretty big like a pencil eraser..i hated my mole so much therefore started a search about getting rid of it, so i found many things, but my grandma said using garlic cloves is very effective and i also read that somewhere. so i decided to give it a try, so i started cutting a little piece of garlic and placed it on the mole and covered it with a bandaid to put it on hold at night when i sleep. i did this every night, make sure u guys cover ur skin around the mole with petroleum jelly so it doesnt burn.then after applying this for a week, the black skin started to peel off the mole. i was getting very happy that the mole is starting to fall off, literary the garlic was eating away the mole, in 2 week the whole mole was gone like it melted away. so guys do this until ur mole is compeltely gone, doesnt nessesarily mean less or more than 2 weeks, depends on the size of the mole. and do this , dont give up hope trust me, i suffered enough with my looks and now my face is clear, and make sure u protect it from sun if on ur face or visible on a body part. this is the only method that works best, and if by chance the mole comes back, drop a few garlic juice drops on the mole every day until it fades away again. if u intially start with just garlic juice it takes longer with a pencil erader sized mole, so do the piece of garlic method first. if any more questions, please comment! thank you! :)
hey can sumbody help me ! I have a mole under my nose . I tried de garlic method ! In first night I kept it for whole night and then at morning the area around my mole burned very badly . After my daddy saw it, he told me to discontinue it. But I really want my mole to disappear becuz itz size is little big ! can anyone say me dat burning is in part of dat process or should I discontinue it ! :(
Raymond Lee
Hi, for the Garlic method. How long am I suppose to leave the juice on it for. If it touches skin around it, what will happen?
Raymond Lee
@Mystery girl , do I cut a piece of the garlic and put it over the mole and put a bandage over it , or do I extract the juice from the garlic and put it on it?
I have garlic powder and I also have white distilled vinegar. That's all I have at home. I am thirteen and my parets will NOT buy me anything totake it off because they call it a natural beauty and blah blah blah. Does anybody have any tips maybe I can combine them. I don't care if I get scar because I can use my foundation and cover it up. Maybe any other food products will work. I have a little bit of iodine bit will that make them go away forever. I REALLY want it gone and it is on my left cheek and half or three quarters of an earaser on a pencil. Please help me. It completely killed my self asteem. Katy
hi Katy, jst don't worry about anything, simply go for our article on apple cider vinegar for mole removal and yes, do read all the comments below for the real experiences of our readers with the remedy.... wish u gud luck!!!
Hi there I have been trying the apple cider vinegar trick and it seems to be working. I am very self concious about my mole on my neck, I usually have my hair down to cover it. I had one surgically removed a couple of years ago and it did leave a long risen scar. Its cool there is something out there most people have in their home to get rid of it. So I would fully reccomend giving it a shot. It does look very ugly and I have a reaction to band aids so my neck breaks out, but I know it will be worth it when I get some confidence. I must say if you are going to use ACV please do the vaseline trick because it does burn your skin I found out the hard way so now I am making sure I use it. Many thanks to all for you stories on the ACV it really does help!
. . .NOT effective! ! !
hi ...friends and listen carefully......i hv also some very tinny moles on my face.......i m very irritating when i see face on mirror.....then i go to the doctor and doctor gave me medical sunsceen lotion......i used 5 or 6 years.....but useless.....after some time i searching on net......and reads different different home remedies....then i thinking abt the garlic method.....and i used this remedy.......every night i used the garlic method.....and after 3 4 days mole is disapper on my face...and i m astonished to see this and t6hank god......after some days the tinny mole is come back very upset when mole come back......garlic method is tmpray method to remove the mole on face........pls tell best pemanent method to remove the mole on face safely
Teen Girl
I have used the tea tree method on one of my facial, moles and it worked pretty well. On my second facial mole I used the onion juice method and in within one night of usage i saw a change, but yes it does leave the skin around the mole a little red.
hi Teen Girl, good to hear, your getting rid of your facial mole,, the reason for the surrounding skin getting red is that you din't apply anything to protect your normal facial skin. Apply vaseline around the mole, not on the mole, just on the surrounding skin... before you apply onion juice, garlic juice, honey or anything remedy over your mole. vaseline helps your skin from getting burnt. Hope this helps! TC Regards, HealthCareVeda Team.
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