Steroids and depression - How it Affects You

Updated on 09 Sep 2009,
Published on 20 Jul 2009

There are many kinds of steroids; steroids are chemical compounds of large family. Some Compounds resembling the structure of steroids, namely, sterols, bile acid, cardiac glycosides, androgen, estrogen, corticosteroids, precursor of vitamin D. The association and regulation with steroids to body is very vast. Human body is safer with the involvement of steroids. So, if happens that human body come in reaction with steroids, side-effects like “steroids psychosis” may occur. Steroids psychosis is steroid induced psychiatry effects such as depression, mania and delirium.

There have been many reports of steroids psychosis, person becomes aggressive and more violent. This is also known as “roid rage” which is also knows as manic rage. When an individual stops using steroids the outcome is very severe, like extreme mood swings can occur. Depression is often found on person who had stop using steroids which is due to dependence of body to steroid.

In early of phase of steroid usage effects like mood changes, euphoria can be seen, that is increase of confidence, energy, self-esteem, anger, violent nature, motivation and enthusiasm. After a longer period of time, effects like lack of judgment and mood swing are frequent actions. Several cases of schizophrenia, hypomania and mania, delirium, depression, suicide and paranoia have been reported. Testosterone was formerly used for the treatment of depression but it has been found to be a cause of depression.

Steroids drugs produces withdrawal symptoms, depression is the most common withdrawal symptom. However, some other relating symptoms were also found such as loss of appetite, loss of libido and self-esteem, feelings of anxiety, difficulty in concentration and mood swings. Withdrawal symptom, sometimes associates with violent nature and rage, so, rage can be either by large dose of steroids or stoppage of steroid intake. Severe side-effects are mostly occurred on athletes, body builder or weight-trainer, and weight-lifter.

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Anna Venios
Can steroids (or growth hormone) cause a person be become confused about anything in general?
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