Swollen Supraclavicular Lymph Nodes Discussed

Updated on 17 Jun 2009,
Published on 17 Jun 2009

Supraclavicular lymph nodes are those lymph nodes that are located just above the collar bone, between the center of the body and a line drawn through the nipple of the shoulder. Virchow’s node is the most notable supraclavicular lymph node. This node in particular may swell for various reasons. Some of the reasons behind this swelling could be bacterial/viral infection of the arms, legs, neck, abdomen and breasts. Sometimes it could be the warning sign of cancer. However, infection is one of the most common causes of enlarged lymph nodes.

Detection of this lymph node is not a very difficult task. It can be easily located by palpitation or deep feeling of an enlarged mass where there should be none. Once the lymph nodes detected believed as a sign of distant disease then instead of radiation chemotherapy is most commonly used for the prognosis. Though radiation may be an effective treatment, but because of the side effects involved it is best not to use it.

There are also some GI cancers that could lead to the development of the supraclavicular lymph nodes. Whatever may be the reasons for the enlargement of the supraclavicular lymph nodes, the best option is to always consult your doctor if the node persists. As the early detection of any sort of diseases is always the best. There are better chances of curing the disease.

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