Tips For Whiter Teeth For Smokers

Updated on 23 Jan 2009,
Published on 13 Jun 2008

Tips For Whiter Teeth For Smokers - Well! Why do people smoke? The question is indeed intriguing but the fact is that those who don’t smoke can never understand this unusual habit and also those who smoke are not going to live for too long to explain this fact.

Hey! I am not preaching anything (or Am I?), but being a son of the father, who is losing the shine of his teeth and gradually becoming toothless, I feel a sense of responsibility towards all the smokers to give them some important tips for teeth whitening.

Smoking and drinking, both affect the enamel in our teeth, by leaving dark stains and making our teeth weak as well as look a bit ugly. The stain left on them due to the smoke of the cigarette can be avoided, if you quit smoking, anyways the discoloring of the teeth can be removed by paying adequate attention to the much neglected teeth of a smoker. Proper brushing of the teeth each and every time after enjoying that deadly smoking habit, is a must and somehow, if that is just not possible (and I know it is!), even then at least two times, one in the morning and one before sleep, are strictly recommended.

Try to increase this brushing gradually. Mouthwash and tooth paint are also quite effective in reducing the impact of stains .If you are not a chain smoker or you are just a mild smoker then the stains can be removed just by proper cleaning and simple brushing.

And if you are thinking about getting teeth whitening strips, then wait a second! Are you absolutely sure that strips are going to work? Or are you giving a thought on getting bleaching done on your teeth?

No doubt that professional bleaching is much more expensive than White Strips and it is a common belief that “costlier implies more effective”. But there are still many complexities about the proper dental care of the teeth. As some would suggest laser teeth whitening and what not!

So do consult your dentist regularly, as it is only he, who can guide you towards a bright future with snow white teeth. Also to get sparkling teeth again there are various home remedies which will remove all your hesitation in saying “cheese”, so do check out the home remedies of teeth whitening for easy and effective treatment of your teeth.


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Smoking is not a habit. It is an addiction. Please call it what it is.
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