6 Tips on How to Keep Yeast Infection Away

Updated on 04 Feb 2013,
Published on 19 Sep 2012

Yeast Infection is caused by some small microorganisms called Candida Fungus. This infection generally settles on the skin and other sensitive parts of the body, like vagina and mouth. Yeast infection gives rise to the symptoms of rashes, burning sensations, redness, itching and a white-colored vaginal discharge. The main causes of this infection are doing an unprotected sex with an infected person, taking too many antibiotics, contraceptive pills and steroids, the diseases of diabetes and HIV/AIDS and stress. However, trying some important prevention tips can help to remove a yeast infection. So, here is a list of some vital measures that assure a fine and healthy condition of your body. Have a look!!


CLEANLINESS- Keep your body clean and tidy by taking bath and shower everyday. This is one of the best ways to wash away the layers of infectious organisms from the external parts of your skin. Its important that you dry yourself properly after taking a shower as a wet area gives a space for the candida fungus to grow and multiply.

PERSONAL HYGIENE- You should keep your body conditions hygienic. Do brush your teeth and clean your mouth everyday. Women should keep on replacing their sanitary napkins or tampons frequently during their menstruation days. If you don’t change them once they are totally wet then they can cause the problem of a vaginal yeast infection. Also, change your underwear twice a day, to keep routine infections at bay. Clean your anus properly after defecation as negligence on this part can result in the excessive growth of yeast.

CLEAN TOWELS- Keep your towel clean and change it as often as you can. Using the same towel for a long period of time can infect your body, too. You should also avoid sharing it with anybody else.

AVOID CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS, ANTIBIOTICS & STEROIDS- Excessive use of such medications can suppress the immune system of your body causing the problem of yeast infection. Avoid their use, as much as possible.

CLOTHING- Wearing tight or synthetic clothes also contribute to this infectious disorder. So, avoid them AT ANY COST. You should even prevent your clothes from getting wet as they can give a space for the yeast fungus to grow and cause infection in your body.

PROBIOTICS- Besides this, you can add a diet, rich in PROBIOTICS, like yogurt, for treating the problem of a yeast infection. Avoid foods having anything in excess like sugar, salt, oil, spices or anything sour. Your food should have everything in moderation! Stress is another major contributor of this illness. Just stay away from it by keeping yourself positive and calm, no matter what! A right approach and timely care will help to prevent this disease.

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