Tonsil Stones in Throat

Updated on 03 Jun 2009,
Published on 01 Jun 2009

Tonsil stones are more commonly known as tonsiloliths. It is also known by other names such as tonsillar debris, tonsillar pearl and calculus of the tonsils. Tonsil stone is actually a cluster of calcareous matter which is collected in the rear of the mouth called the crevasses or the tonsil crypts. They are irregularly shaped, whitish/yellowish in color, foul smelling and are usually caught at the back of the throat. It is sometimes referred to as the white globs. If you have ever tried breaking open these globs, then you would realize how awful it smells. And this smell is particularly due to the combination of the volatile sulphur compounds, post nasal drips and bacteria.

It can even cause halitosis. Tonsil stones are the result of food build up, mucous and bacteria building up at the back of the throat. These stones are formed when the debris caught in the deep pockets of the tonsils hardens or calcifies. Though tonsil stones do not usually cause any physical harm but it can give you a feeling of uneasiness which most of the people claim to get a sore throat like feeling. This is because these particles can cause irritation to the throat. From the name, some of you might decipher it as a form of tonsillitis but it is not so. However, chronic inflammation of the throat and tonsillitis can even lead to the formation of tonsiloliths.

It wasn’t until recently that the oral care communities recognized what actually tonsiloliths are. Earlier it was referred to as the extra food debris which is not true. Tonsil stones do not necessarily cause many symptoms. It incidentally appears through X-Rays and CT scan. Tonsil stones usually occur in adults rather than in children. Though most of the people develop tonsil stones but it is quite rare to develop a large and solidified tonsil stones.

Tonsil stones are formed in the tonsils and will continue to do so as long as your tonsils are not removed. But wait..!!! This doesn’t mean that you should rush to your dentist to get it removed. Tonsils actually act as a filter to our body and prevent the organisms and bacteria to travel deeper in the throat. Today there are a number of medications available that effectively helps in getting rid of tonsil stones without taking the trouble to remove your tonsils.

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