Vitamin C and Menstruation - A unique remedy for Abortion

Updated on 29 Jun 2011,
Published on 10 Feb 2009

Though the words Vitamin C and menstruation do not rhyme together from any angle but it is said to be very effective in inducing menstruation. Though it sounds out of the world but believe it or not, it sure does help in the treatment of delayed cycle and is a home remedy for abortion. This remedy has been used since the 70’s and there are records of women belonging to this period using it widely for the treatment of menstrual problems. The basis of this treatment of vitamin c lies in the scientific research of a Russian Scientist E.P. Samborskaia that was conducted in the mid 60s.

According to the research, it was found that high dosage of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) increases the level of estrogen and disrupts normal pregnancy leading to menstruation. A research based on these findings, was conducted by gynecologist L.I Ivanyuta, which involved 20 women. The estrogen level was measured before and after the treatment of ascorbic acid in menstruation. It was found that about 16 women started bleeding after 2-3 days of the treatment.

Though much of the research work by Samborskaia was conducted on pregnant animals, there is sufficient evidence that the home remedy of vitamin c is effective to interrupt pregnancy. This home remedy successfully worked on some people while it doesn’t work on some. However, it is not possible to identify those for whom this remedy will work and those for whom it will not work. This data should not be considered as a scientific data as this purely based on personal data collections.

The next question that arises is how far is the remedy for abortion successful? Well, even in the best of situations and despite doing it the right way, there are less than 50% chances of being successful. Though ascorbic acid is less toxic yet it does not mean that it is free from any side effects. Also, by referring it to a home remedy, we do not mean that it is safe doing it yourself. Depending on how far the pregnancy has progressed, the risk of hemorrhage and incomplete pregnancy is determined.

For the purpose, pure ascorbic acid should be used. While you shop for it at the local grocery shop, make sure to read the label and search for pure ascorbic acid. Vitamin C works by producing an unfavorable atmosphere in the Uterus to prevent the eggs getting implanted. In case the eggs have been implanted then by stimulating estrogen it wanes the fertilized ovum’s grip on the uterus walls. As a result of which menstrual symptoms begin to show.

Those individuals who suffer from kidney problems such as kidney stones, kidney problems, kidney diseases, sensitive kidneys etc. must avoid it. Also those who suffer from sickle cell anemia must avoid taking vitamin C without the supervision of their physician. Some of the possible side effects that could accompany with this remedy are stomach cramps, hot flashes, rashes, headaches, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort etc.

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8 Response(s)
It is true Vit C helps. It helped me a few times. Once I was pregnant to finish pregnancy. I took it also as an emergency contraceptive (put a couple of C-vit. tabs next to vagina for a couple of days) after the intercourse.
It's actually false that Vitamin C induces abortion. Because taking around 10,000 mg of Vitamin C every day over the course of a day or so will in fact induce a woman's period, it is a surprisingly effective emergency contraceptive, preventing an egg from being fertilised in the first place. "Home remedies" for pregnancy like parsley or cilantro do in fact induce abortion, but note that Vitamin C will not. If a pregnancy has begun, megadoses of Vitamin C will do nothing to prevent pregnancy, nor harm the foetus.
my sis di tis but nothing hapen
I did not get my expected period four days ago. I took 10 grams of vitamin C for two days and this morning my period began with some bad cramps. I think it worked. I am never late for a period.
2 days delayed, had my PT yesterday and it was positive. Started my vitamin C 1000 mg every two hours just last night, set my alarm every two hours. This morning at about 8 am I started to feel cramps, and when I checked I am starting to bleed. I feel so relieved even with the cramps. Hope this will continue as a menstruation. I'll keep you posted what happens next.
i missed ma periods for 5 days and an overdose worked after 3 days it great
how long you have to take vitamin C to see your period but i am not feeling pregnant but i didn't see but i took 1000mg every like 5000 day for 3 days
I started this today my period is 2 weeks late and a positive test I started spotting Brown and stoppen crping allot can you guys share how it went for u
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