What Are Steroids Good For?

Updated on 17 Jul 2009,
Published on 17 Jul 2009

The use of steroids is good for enhancing one’s ability ion sports. A number of athletes tend to use it to improve their performances. However, if we sit back and analyze the good effects and the side effects of steroids then you will realize that more side effects are entitled to the use of steroids than the advantages of steroids. The influence of steroids can be so deep that it can even pose great danger to the body as well as the mind. Use of steroids heightens the aggression of an individual which results into the improvement of their performance in sports. It also tends to give a boost to their spirit which helps in building up their confidence.

Steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone which was once considered a magic potion for those who wish to build lean muscles. It can be classified into three categories namely, the anabolic steroid, the corticosteroid and the anabolic and androgenic steroids. These three classifications have different effects on different individuals. For instance, the anabolic steroid aims at bulking the body and improving performance whereas the corticosteroid concentrates on controlling inflammation and building muscle mass. The anabolic/androgenic steroid focuses on the muscle development and the maintenance of the masculinity of the person.

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Some of the positive effects of using steroids are as follows:

1) It helps in developing lean muscles, muscle mass and muscle definition.
2) It increases strength and general weight gain.

3) It also increases sex drive, aggressiveness and feelings of positivity and confidence.

4) It improves recovery rate and increases effectiveness of training.

However, the side-effects of steroids outrun the positive effects of the drugs. It can lead to testicular atrophy and libido problems in men, whereas in women, it can lead to the change of their normal hormonal balance. There are a number of other side effects that accompany the use of steroid. It also increases the chances of creating unfair advantages. Despite all these side effects, people still continue to use these drugs. A recent study has proved that athletes who were once on steroids could possibly reap competitive advantages in the long run.

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