What causes Dark Circles Under Eyes in Children

Updated on 26 May 2009,
Published on 01 Jan 2009

Children, whose parents and grandparents have dark circles under eyes, are at a greater risk of developing these dark spots under their angel-like eyes. This beauty problem is not only common among adults; many children are also facing this problem. But it has nothing to do with how much sleep you get as it could be due to heredity. Even if your parents do not have dark circles you might likely develop them.

Though, a number of people have blamed poor health and lack of sleep as the causes but these two causes are the least common ones. To know more about what causes dark circles under eyes in children, let us take a closer look at it.

Those children whose complexion is fair or uneven, are at a greater risk for developing dark circles. Knowing the main causes behind it will be helpful in understanding why does this happen in children. One of the most common causes of these unwanted features in children is nasal congestion. This leads to the blockage of the veins around the eyes which turns bluish or purple in color. This causes dark circles that do not go away easily.

The sudden onset of nasal congestion in children is due to allergic reactions. However, in some cases, the nasal congestion could be due to flu, cold or chronic sinus infection. These nasal congestions are also sometimes referred to as allergic shiners as it is mainly caused by allergy.

Excessive breathing from the mouth, recurrent cold, redness of the nose and eyes, swollenness of the nose etc. are some of the symptoms that you will notice in your child. Removing the allergen might be helpful in reducing the puffiness and the dark circle will go away on its own.

However, if the condition is due to enlarged adenoids then it would be a better option to consult a doctor. The treatment of the dark circle strictly depends on its causes. If it is simply due to allergic reactions then you do not have to do anything but avoid rubbing it with your hands as it could worsen the condition. If it causes you irritation then there are a number of things that could be done to prevent it.

You could give your child a cool wash-cloth to compress it on the area. It will help the blood vessels to constrict itself thereby reducing the eye puffiness and diminishing the dark color. Make sure that the washcloth is not ice cold. Compress the cloth on the dark circles under eyes for about 10-15 minutes at a time. Imbalanced diet, fatigue, etc. could also be the reasons for developing dark circles.

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18 Response(s)
Iron deficiency can also cause dark circles under eyes.
Dark circles under eyes in children… how to get rid of it at the earliest? Pls help
I don’t have allergies and sinus infection but I still have dark circles. I am in my early teens pls help.
Never heard of it! Nice info.
Good one lolzz!
Wow. No one in my family has had dark eyecircles, but yest I developed them and insomnia. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.
my daughter is 8 yrs old and her dark circls look ugly please some simple remedy for it.
Dr. L.V. (Europe)
It may be a deficiency in some minerals. Schussler's theory (cell salts) suggests calcarea florica and ferrum phosporicum.
jj's mom
My 3 year old's eyes look unusually dark beneath them recently and i am very concerned for him, i am fearing an undiagnosed fatal disease such as cancer or and organ malfunction, i hope it is an allergy or an iron deficiency, but i must add i cannot believe that a mother or father would be more concerned aboutgetting rid of the ugly circles for vanity's sake than having a sincere desire to seek help for their child. I do not think that finding a simple remedy to cover the circles is at all in your daughter's best interest what if the circles get covered up with make-up to make her look pretty and there is something really really wrong with her? If you have ruled out all of that and it is definately heredity there is nothing else you can do, but otherwise I recommend that you further investigate what may be causing the circles.
Have you all noticed that most kids you see these days have dark circles around their eyes. It's kind of a blue reddish color. I have seen so many kids including my grandkids I am beginning to wonder, what is going on with here. Could it be flu shot or vacinations? When I was a young kid in grade school you hardly ever saw a kid with dark circles.
When I first started seeing my son with these dark circles under his eyes (around age 3, now close to 6), I, also thought that he must have a fatal disease. I was so scared! It was just a mix of allergies and a darker complexion. Don't go crazy, just see the pediatrician, who will put your mind at ease. As far as how it looks to others, Whatever!
My 10 year old has had dark circles for years. She does have some allergies for which she takes an antihistamine daily. I'm trying to convince her that allergy shots aren't as hideous as she imagines them. I did wonder about her diet, as she's 10 and picky. She also has a hearing impairment - I wondered if that could be related? I'm appreciative for this article. Had some good info that I will definitely take into consideration. I'm sure that the dark circles are an indication of something wrong (like the allergies, nutrition) - but not cancer like JJ's mom is worried about. Having them gone would be wonderful for her, as she is teased about them at school regularly.
Jo Morrison
I am a 17 year old teenager girl. I've had darkness under my eyes for a while but lately it has gotten so bad that it has become red under my eyes and literally blackish blue! They look bruised! My mother is a nurse and she says its from rubbing off my makeup too hard under my eyes, applying things too hard under my eyes, etc. I use cover up and foundation but its not enough. Is there anyway i can actually get rid of these? I have the normal allergies with pollen but no other things. They are really ugly please help me! I'm in high school and this problem doesn't help me!!!
Dear Jo Morrison, Here is the reply to your querry. Your first requirement is to know the exact cause of your problem as u havent mentioned clearly about your lifestyle, your eating habits, your health, your menstrual cycle, or any prior illness record... so these factors should be considered to get any proper diagnosis of your dark circles. As this could be hereditary, or due to iron deficiency, or irregular menstrual cycle, or wrong sleeping schedule, or working for longer hours under indoor lights (not getting enough sunlight) or something else that your physician can tell you better. First get a proper diagnosis on your own or by a doctor, and then go for the cure. Rest what u can do on your own, is get proper diet rich in green leafy and deep red veggies n fruits to increase your hemoglobin, proper exercise with natural sunlight, get healthy sleep every night and yes, do read our articles on home remedies for dark circles under eyes for more help. Here are the links: http://www.healthcareveda.com/post/Cure-Dark-Circles-Under-The-Eyes---Catch-Up-With-These-Home-Remedies-To-Cure-Dark-Circles.aspx http://www.healthcareveda.com/post/Home-Remedies-for-Dark-Circles-under-Eyes.aspx Thus, do keep in touch for any further support in this case. We hope that you get well soon. Hence, take care and good luck!! Regards, Healthcareveda Team.
My name is Jasmine,im 13 and I have dark circles under my eyes. I dont no why but a lot of the time I cant realy breath through my nose and wake up when im still very tired. Im also a picky eater. So I dont no if any of those things can be the cause of my dark circles, but I hope you can tell me why. THANK YOU!
Hi Jasmine, you have 2 problems, first is of dark circles & some breathing problem ,right? As a matter of fact, dark circle is not a skin probem or related to eyes. Its related to improper digestion, so treatment should be given according to that. Application of any facial cream will give you temporary relief but will not slove the problem permanently. So, before we advise you any treatment, let us know about your digestive condition and bowel habits..... frequent constipation or sort of.....your job type - sitting job or something else...this is an essential part of the treatment. As far as the breathing problem is concerned, you should visit some ENT specialist. Thank you n Take Care. Regards, HealthCareVeda Team.
I'm african and I also noticed my 4 year old son who is fair in complexion Has dark circles which started when he was three as well as lots of skin blotches on his tummy and face. He always has a recurrent cold and cough. Could it b allergies?
Alana Barnes
My son is 16 and I have noticed lately dark circles under his eyes...might be from allergies or lack of sunlight because he stays in a lot. What can I do to fix the problem. Thanks, Alana :)
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