Do Women Really Need More Sleep Than Men and Why

Updated on 11 Feb 2010,
Published on 11 Feb 2010

As per the research conducted by a British sleep expert, women are entitled to more sleep than their male counterparts because their brains are wired to different tasks. According to the research, about 18% of women complained of a bad night's sleep at least five days a week as compared to a mere 8% men. Sleep is very important for a person irrespective of their sexes as it is during the sleep that the brain that has been working so hard all day long goes for recovery. Then only it is revitalized and recuperated. So the more a person uses his brain the more sleep s/he requires depending on the situation.

According to the researchers, women have a larger sensory and moptor activities since they are engaged to several works at a time. They do a lot of multi-tasking as a result of which they use more of their brains than their male counterparts. They are also flexible which is why they need more sleep. Women atleast need 20 minutes more sleep every night in order to keep their multi-tasking mind sound and healthy. However, men who have complex job and need to make a lot of decisions and lateral thinking may also need more sleep but not as much as a woman.

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