Anorexia Tips to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Updated on 28 May 2009,
Published on 12 Dec 2008

Here are some anorexia tips to lose weight the healthy way. But is this enough for you to know if you want to lose weight? No, not at all. First let us know what is anorexia nervosa after all, what causes anorexia and how does it contribute to weight loss.

Girls as well as women of today are die hard fans of Anorexia. They are so engrossed with the idea of losing weight that they don’t even bother to consider the long term effects of anorexia. Their only motive is to lose weight fast and look slim and trim. Anorexia which is also termed as thinspiration is a syndrome which has become an epidemic. Anorexics do not like being labeled as those suffering from eating disorder but they would go fasting for any length of time to own a thin to bone body.

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Anorexia is a dangerous disease which creates chaos in the eating habits of an individual. Those who are anorexic are more concerned about their body weight. People with anorexia are rather very skinny yet they feel that they are overweight and always sought to lose more weight which finally results in being underweight. They do not bother about how they will end up looking. The only motive behind is to lose as much weight as possible and look as skinny as they possibly can for this is how they interpret beauty.

Well equip yourself with the after effects of anorexia to end up the desire to adopt any unhealthy means of losing weight. Following are some of the healthy ways to lose weight and maintain it without being anorexic:

1) The first thing is to maintain a diary and write down why you want to lose weight. What are the things you would do and how will you treat yourself if you succeed in losing weight.

2) Follow a strict discipline in trying to lose your weight. It’s not a difficult task to fast a day or two but when you starve for more than two days eventually the craving for food will arise. However, to deal with such a situation it is best to eat something nutritious but low fat in small portions. For instance you can eat an apple or a bowl of broccoli.

3) Daily exercise will speed up the slimming process so make sure that you follow a strict daily routine exercise.

4) In every field, discipline is very important. Here too you need discipline. Set certain rules and regulations to accomplish your goal. Think of ways to keep your mind distracted from the thought of overeating or wrong foods.

5) Eat only the required amount of food. Always try to abstain yourself from overeating.

These healthy anorexia tips will help you in losing your weight in the healthy way at the same time taking proper care of your body without any side effects. However, knowing the disadvantages of anorexia will help you in staying away from unhealthy eating habits.

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9 Response(s)
Seeing the name of the article aroused my curiosity. Anorexia and healthy way to lose weight!! I found it hard to digest the two terms together but after reading the article, I feel this is a good approach towards anorexia. This way we can slowly change the way teens think.
good tips
I don’t understand why people of all the things want to be anorexic. We simply can’t keep on playing the blame game. The youths should be guided to the proper path.
Just what I needed…!!
Thank you for the tips =)!!
im finally going to fit into my old clothes again, and i wont have to jeapordise my health, nails and hair to do so. Thanks!
George Wingfield
I am a man who wants to be anarorexic! How can I do that?
ok so im sick of being called cutting myself and am now starting ym pro-ana more fried foods or anything fatty.i skip lunch at school, sleep more, eat after the rest of my family and ask for smaller portions.all because people call me fat.and ugly.i wanna prove them wrong and get this guy ive liked forever to like me back! im 13 5 fott 3 inches and never waighed over 110 in my life...but im fat ):
this is good tips but its sick how people hurt themselves over being called fat :-/ i get called fat but thats my weight and i love food :)
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